Thursday, November 1, 2012

Win8 StartButton restores Start button to Windows 8

One of the biggest changes in the new Windows 8 operating system was the introduction of the Modern UI, and the lack of the Start menu present on previous versions of the Windows operating system. For users who find the missing feature an annoyance, a software called Win8 StartButton can now bring it back. It recreates the look and functionality of the Start button.
New application that brings the Start button back to Windows 8
New application that brings the Start button back to Windows 8

Here is a quick look at the highlighted features of the Win8 StartButton:
  • Restore Windows Start button and Start menu on Windows 8!
  • Make 'desktop mode' as your default Windows startup screen
  • Choose appearance: classic windows, aero mode, Win 7 and more
  • Restore all your familiar windows menus and options
  • Free-of-cost

In a related report by Cnet"After you install the program, the familiar Windows Start orb appears in the lower left corner of the desktop. Clicking on the orb displays the typical two-pane Start menu with easy access to all your programs and favorite Windows locations, such as your documents and music. The menu sports commands for search, run, and Help. And a Shut Down option lets you shut down, restart, switch users, lock Windows, or hibernate the PC.”

He goes on to state that when a user right clicks the button and chooses the Settings option, a host of options appear. The options include a choice of the styles of the start menu such as the classic Windows, Windows XP, and Windows 7. The author states, “You can decide whether clicking the mouse and pressing the Windows key opens the Start menu or the Windows 8 Start screen. And you can opt to boot directly to the desktop and bypass the Start screen entirely.”

recent report stated that one of the biggest changes with Windows 8 is the disappearance of the familiar Start button at the lower left corner of the screen. There is a new screen filled with a colourful array of tiles, each leading to a different application, task, or collection of files. After his keynote in New York on Thursday, Ballmer was asked by AP whether there was any chance of bringing the Start button back. His reply was, "You've got a whole screen as a start button". It's a reference to the screen of tiles.

Microsoft executive had noted that the Start button was something people had to get used to when it was first introduced, suggesting that people will get used to the tile format too.

On October 26, Windows 8 hit the shelves worldwide. The new OS includes a new user interface (UI) and a range of applications. In collaboration with hardware partners, Microsoft made more than a 1,000 certified PCs and tablets, including Microsoft Surface, available for the launch of Windows 8 — making it the best line-up of PCs ever across the Windows 8 and Windows RT ecosystem.

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