Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Belkin first to release third-party Lightning accessories for iOS devices

When Apple launched the new Lighting connector with the iPhone 5, they immediately made all the existing accessories for iOS devices obsolete (unless you plan on using one of the optional adapters). However, it looks like it’s not going to take take long for accessory makers respond to the change and come out with new accessories designed for the new interface.
Belkin is the first out of the gate with a couple of accessories for your car that are compatible with the Lightning connector. The first is a car charger, that plugs into your car’s power outlet and connects to your iOS device through a Lightning connector. The second one is a Charge + Sync Dock, that doesn’t actually have a Lightning connector of its own but includes an audio jack and you can route your Lightning cable through it.
At $29.99 each, both accessories are considerably expensive for what they do and it would actually be cheaper to buy Apple’s adapters and use your old accessories. It would be best to wait for more manufacturers to release their products before jumping into the Lightning accessory market.

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