Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 can't handle fast thumb typists (video)

In our Samsung Galaxy S4 review, my colleague Aloysius noted that the phone's built-in keyboard acted strangely when typing fast. The predictive text feature looks like it's unable to catch up to fast fingers, and replaces your mistakes with words you didn't mean to type. For example, if you mistyped "the" as "thr" and tapped on space quickly, the row of suggestions don't refresh quickly enough so you get the word "I". This doesn't happen when I slow down my typing speed drastically by using only one hand. Watch the video above to see the bug in action.
When contacted, Samsung verified that this also occurs on its own test unit, so we know it's not just a bug in this review set. The company will probably fix this in an update, but it's unlikely to come before the launch this weekend. So reasonably fast typists who're buying the Galaxy S4 should turn off predictive text entirely, or alternatively, use a third-party solution such as SwiftKey or Swype in the meantime.

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