Monday, January 21, 2013

Recall an Email In Gmail

It has happened to many of us and many of the time where after sending an email we regret that “Why did I send that email” and we wish as if I could get back that email. This type of incident is very common as most of the time we send the email to a wrong person. If you are using MS Outlook there is a functionality to recall the by mistakenly send email, that means if the recipient has not read the e-mail yet then you can call the email back so that the recipient won’t be able to read the email.
But think if you are using Gmail then how to recall an email? So for that there is a very nice solution provided by Gmail Lab called “Undo Send”. This feature works like the recall email in outlook.

So how do you recall an email in Gmail?
If you have enabled the Undo Send feature for your Gmail account, then Gmail will show you a yellow notification box with an Undo button every time you send an email. Just click on that Undo button and your job is done, the email is recalled.

How to Enable Recall Feature in Gmail
To enable recall feature in Gmail you need to enable the Undo Send in Gmail labs. To enable it log in to your gmail and click on the geared icon and then click on Labs. Search for the Undo Send and enable it. Now you have enabled the recall feature in Gmail.
Gmail - Settings

How to use the recall or Undo Send feature
 Every time after sending the email, you can see an undo link at the top of the page, click on it and your message will not be sent. This will take you to the email composer page. That is how you do recall an email in Gmail.

undo in gmail

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  1. Note that this isn't actually a "Recall". It is a "Delay Send". If someone contacts you and says "Knucklehead, why did you send that?" it is already too late. Can't be undone.