Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Microsoft kicks off #DroidRage again, asks for your Android malware horror stories

Last year in December we reported about the #DroidRage trend that Microsoft started on Twitter, asking Android users their horror stories about using their phones and the people with the best stories would get a free Windows Phone 7 device.
This year, they are back again with the same hashtag, asking Android users for their best/worst Android malware horror stories. They haven’t exactly mentioned what prize the winners will be getting, only referring to it as a ‘get well present’ but it’s likely that it will be a Windows Phone again this year.
So do you have an Android horror story to tell? Just log on to Twitter and tweet it out and don’t forget to tag it as #DroidRage. Or you can just make fun of Microsoft and Windows Phone using the hashtag, the way everyone is doing right now.

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