Thursday, April 4, 2013

Facebook Announces Facebook Home, An Android Homescreen Replacement

Facebook today announced a family of apps you can install called Facebook Home, featuring full screen photos, status updates, and notifications piped into your homescreen. It won’t require a forked Android operating system, as Facebook wants it to be available to a wide audience. “We want to bring the experience of having a home, of having everything you need right around you… to your phone.”
Apps are important too, Zuckerberg says, so you can still add apps to your device. One swipe away from the home screen is the launcher for apps. Messaging is at the forefront. Phones are communication devices and we spend all day message, in today’s appcentric world, messaging is treated like another app. Switching between apps is annoying. We want to talk to people, not apps.
When a friend messages you, Home brings up the Facebook Chat Heads feature. It pops up a person’s face and you can tap on their face and bring up a conversation without losing any context of what you’re doing in the app behind.
“Today we’re going to finally talk about that Facebook Phone, More accurately, we’re gonna talk about how you can turn your phone into a Facebook Phone” Mark Zuckerberg said to start the event. After noting we spend more than 20% of our mobile time on social apps, Zuckerberg said “We asked ourselves — if we’re already spending this much time on our phones, how can we make it easier? What if they were designed around people first, and you could also just happen to interact with apps?”

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